Chromatia Tuner

Chromatia Tuner 3.5

Chromatia Tuner software is used my instrumentalists to tune their instruments

Chromatia Tuner software program can change your computer into an advanced instrument tuner. This application works with almost any musical instrument.

There is a short response time with a range of nine octaves ranging from C1 to C10 with a precision that is better than 0. 1 Hz up to ~C8. The Chromatia Tuner software program supports more than thirty different scales and temperaments including historic tunings and well- tempered tunings, traditional folk scales and the modern equal temperament tuning.

The user can add octave stretching and select the root key for all tunings. A tool that is useful for instrument makers is the report feature which creates a table of measurement values.

For instruments that create very short tones, the Chromatia Tuner software program has a note hold time control. With the beat tone option, you can tune your instrument without looking at the computer screen with the easily readable tuning meter.

The optional MIDI input allows the user to select notes from a keyboard (in “manual mode”). Also, with the optional MIDI output, the detected note can be sent to a synth.

This program is compatible with all Windows versions from Windows 95 and newer. The Chromatia Tuner software program is a resourceful tool for instrument makers, tuners, and of course, instrument players.